Book Review: Escape Velocity

I have a special affinity for short stories, and especially, ones with female protagonists. Here was an entire collection! The previous such book I had read was Madhulika Liddle’s Woman To Woman (and, interestingly, the friend who had recommended it to me is a part of this collection too.) What’s intriguing about this collection is that … Continue reading Book Review: Escape Velocity

Not Anymore (A Women’s Day Poem)

Not Anymore. I'm not cowering in fear, not anymore. I'm not shedding a tear, not anymore. You can try But I shan't cry. You can scream, It's nothing but a bad dream. I shall wake up, Emerge stronger, For I'm not meek. This is me. My story. And it will always be about me. I hold … Continue reading Not Anymore (A Women’s Day Poem)