God Is Everywhere

God is everywhere, and he is watching you! The first time Rhia heard this she was seven. Her mother snatched the pencil she clutched between her fingers and put it back where it belonged - on the shelf of the gift shop they were at. 'Have some fear of God's wrath.' Her mother reprimanded her. With … Continue reading God Is Everywhere

Devil and The Deep Sea

A cackle of laughter from her boss’s cabin startled her. She waited patiently, for the conversation to end and the man to leave, after which she waltzed right in. Seeing her irate expression, her manager spoke up without preamble. ‘Look, Rhia, you can’t possibly object to someone smiling.’ ‘His hand brushed past my chest. And … Continue reading Devil and The Deep Sea

April Double Attack – A2Z and Camp NaNoWriMo

Ten days to go for April 1. Ten days to go for Blogging A2Z Challenge to begin. Also, ten days to go for Camp NaNoWriMo, since I foolishly decided to participate in both. I'm already feeling the heat. The other participants have already begun to put up posts with the theme reveal, and here I … Continue reading April Double Attack – A2Z and Camp NaNoWriMo

Riding Away Into the Sunset!

During my growing up years, we used to live in the staff accommodation of the college where my mother was a lecturer. There were quite a few families there, and all of us were a closely-knit unit. We celebrated many birthdays, festivals, and family celebrations together. Right behind our block of buildings, within the college campus was … Continue reading Riding Away Into the Sunset!