Where Art Thou?

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Dear Future Husband,

How are you doing? Continue reading “Where Art Thou?”


Who Said Girls Only Have Long Hair?

Vicky stared at his reflection in the mirror. True to its character, it stared right back at him. His eyes wandered to the top of his head where the rays of the Sun streaming from the window kissed his hair, warming it in its faint glow. They lent a natural golden tinge to his luscious, curly locks. He wrapped one such twisting strand around his forefinger and pushed it back, tucking it behind his ear. Continue reading “Who Said Girls Only Have Long Hair?”

A 100 Words Micro Fiction

Here I am sharing a short story I wrote long back, in response to a prompt given by Short Story Lovers’ Facebook Page. I had even forgotten about it. Only now when it came up on my notifications recently, because someone clicked ‘like’ on it, did I remember that I had written it quite some time ago.

The prompt wasUntitled.jpg
He held her hand and gently caressed it. Just like he always had for the past fifty years. Only now she didn’t reciprocate. Only now her eyes didn’t gaze back into his. Only now she didn’t giggle or blush like she had every time. Someone stepped forward and gently pulled him away even as they fought back their own tears. It was their lovely daughter.
He looked up at the young girl and was reminded of her – the one who refused to even look at him now. He sighed, wiped his tears away and stepped back.
A few moments later, the casket was closed and lowered into the ground.

Did you like the story? How would you have written the story further? Do share your comments and feedback via the comment box below.

Celebrations Galore!


I feel like I’ve written to you after ages. Even checked the last time when I actually wrote something for the blog. Turns out it was back in early August. Sheesh! *Cue major guilt pangs.*

Okay, on to more interesting things.

Firstly, let’s pop that champagne. I reached the milestone of 500 followers. A shoutout to Mariwritings for being my 500th reader. Humbled and honoured at the love!  Shall be actively returning some of that now that my novel is nearing completion.  Continue reading “Celebrations Galore!”

The Case of the Broken Spectacles

Rajan stood with his ear to the door. Only when he was sure he heard a soft snore, indicating the occupants were fast asleep, did he straighten up.  He rolled his shoulders back and took in a long deep breath. It was time to put his plan into action. Continue reading “The Case of the Broken Spectacles”

Gimme One Moment of Solitude

Aarti stared at the bubbling water with vacant eyes. She could hear vague murmurs from the adjoining room. Listlessly, she added the tea leaves and the sugar. She had insisted on making them tea herself. He always loved the tea prepared by her. Continue reading “Gimme One Moment of Solitude”

Daddy’s Princess

“No!” Aisha giggled.

Mark checked his speed-o-meter again. “No? You sure?” He asked her, sticking his tongue out even more.

“Daddy, noooo.” Aisha giggled again. “Still no doggy,” she said, flapping the large ragged doll in her hands for emphasis.

“Okay, No.” He laughed. “What about a horse?” Checking the rear-view mirror, he cautiously overtook the slow trailer in front of him. She watched as they sped past the trailer. She stood on her knees and looked at it through the rear windscreen as it got smaller and smaller, finally disappearing completely. Continue reading “Daddy’s Princess”

Story Continuation Challenge Prompt 9

I cannot express in words how much I enjoy reading your stories. And I do agree that it’s time to go beyond the 1 or 2 line limitation. Please do read the challenge rules as they are a bit different now. Continue reading “Story Continuation Challenge Prompt 9”

Of Rains and Rainbows: Solicit your feedback

A few months ago, a close friend had said this about me: “Give her any prompt and she dives right into it; writing in full flow.” At the time I had simply laughed and brushed it off.

But her words came to mind yesterday after I completed the first assignment at the Interactive Flash Fiction Workshop organized by Wrimo India, the India chapter of NaNoWriMo. Published author Rochelle Potkar was our instructor. We had been given a few preparatory assignments to complete ahead of the workshop. I, being the lazy bum, foolishly thought it was okay to ignore them and decided to wing it. Closer to the appointed time, however, fear gripped me. (Those who know me will know of my chronic problem of self-doubts.) What if nothing came to mind just then, I wondered. With just a few minutes left before the workshop, I hurried through the assignment. I jotted down the details quickly. Continue reading “Of Rains and Rainbows: Solicit your feedback”

Story Continuation Challenge Prompt 3

To all those who participated to the Story Continuation Challenge last weekThank you for taking up the challenge.

All the responses were amazing, and each one of you took us all on a beautiful journey through your short story. The creativity and story-telling is amazing. Congratulations to you all, for the amazing skills and talent.

Continue reading “Story Continuation Challenge Prompt 3”

Chimpu’s Tales

Chimpu, an inquisitive but adorable baby monkey, lived with his family and friends in the dense jungles outside the city.

His best friends were Jumbo, a big, fat elephant and Pinky, a thoughtful woodpecker. They would often play in the evenings when Pinky and Jumbo would come home from their day’s task of searching for food.

During the day, Chimpu was often alone and would play all by himself. He was always running around here and there, scampering up and down the trees, plucking flowers and fruits, and making noises. Chimpu was also very mischievous and even played pranks on his neighbours. All the animals in the jungle loved Chimpu for his innocent antics. They also knew that he would always hide away in the cedar tree if he had been naughty. All the animals loved Chimpu a lot and they always laughed at his cute, innocent pranks and loved him even more each time.monkey.jpg Continue reading “Chimpu’s Tales”

One Dark Night

He stealthily followed the lady in black. Tall, muscular and lithe, he was easily able to keep her in his sight even in the crowded street. The dark night and the milling crowd provided him a perfect camouflage.
She was alone and her demeanor quite carefree. It made her a perfect mark, he smirked. He wondered what she looked like. Her lustrous, wavy hair cascaded down her shapely back, giving her a typically feminine look. Her fitted jeans and tight shirt enticed him further. He licked his lips and quickened his pace. She dropped something on the way, he noted. A crooked smile twisted his already scarred face. It gave him a perfect opening to chat up with her. He languidly picked up the small card. Continue reading “One Dark Night”

Morning Blues

The housekeeper walked in and blushed at the sight. It told her a mischievous story. She giggled to herself as she straightened the bedsheets and hummed a romantic tune.
The crumpled satin sheets held the promise of a love fulfilled. The mirror must have been a witness to their trysts, she thought naughtily. Continue reading “Morning Blues”

Timeless Love

“Do you remember this?” He asked her while handing her a small piece of broken silver.

She examined it, then looked at him in surprise. “Isn’t this the …”

“Yes,” he grinned.

“You kept it safe all these years.”

It seemed like a lifetime ago. So much had passed since then.

“I’d constantly shine the sunlight on everybody’s faces. Do you know who I irritated the most?” He laughed.

“You were such a pest even then!” She crinkled her nose at him.

“Yeah… Love you too, Wifey!” He turned her around to show the life-size replica of their most treasured moments.

PHOTO PROMPT – © Sandra Crook

Word Count – 106

New Beginnings

This is Part VI of an ongoing series. To read the previous parts, click here.

Anaisha heard the shouting from the kitchen and walked back. With downcast eyes, she said quietly, “I’m right here.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know. Your mother… and then you had said that….” She started to explain.

“Don’t bring Ma into this. She didn’t ask you to desert me like this.”

Anaisha looked at him with sad eyes. Ravi was shocked. She didn’t just put the onus on his mother for her own actions.

“I am not bringing her into this… I am not blaming her… neither am I trying to come between you and her. That’s why I’ve never told you before. Because you will not believe me!” Anaisha retorted angrily.

Ravi stared at her, completely at a loss. “Vartika,” she said pointedly. Continue reading “New Beginnings”

A Moment of Time

09:30 a.m.

Alicia had just stepped out of her house into the unusually quiet street and wondered why there were no taxis to be seen. alicia

As she looked around helplessly, a helpful passer-by informed her about the taxi strike. She glared at the creature who had dared to apprise her of reality as if he was personally responsible for her problems. Continue reading “A Moment of Time”