Travel Tip of the Week

Check your calendar before planning your itinerary. Check for long weekends; or a working day flanked with two public holidays. If there are any public holidays just before or after your preferred dates, club them in to plan a longer trip. That way, you'll be able to plan your dates better, and make the most of a holiday/long … Continue reading Travel Tip of the Week


Pretty Picture of the Week

Another one of my clicks during my visit to Chandigarh, earlier this month. Something about this flower attracted and fascinated me - the imperfections, the dual colours, its full bloom while others around it are either only half-way there or still are unopened buds, offering untold promises of beauty contained within. This sight reminds me of … Continue reading Pretty Picture of the Week

Pretty Picture of the Week

This time I am combining my Weekly Photo feature with the Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post. This week's theme is Eye Spy, which I choose to interpret a bit differently. So, here is a photograph where one of the tigers is sleeping and hence, its eyes are closed and the one who is looking at us, … Continue reading Pretty Picture of the Week