Unseen Agra – 5 Off-Beat Places To Visit

6 months of living in Agra ten years ago and then a memorable trip last year weren’t as fulfilling and enriching as this particular trip was.

A travel review assignment thanks to the IndiaisCalling initiative and HolidayIQ  and I was back in the ‘City of Taj’ that had first given me the hands-on experience of working in a hotel. Only this time I was looking at it from the other side – as a tourist. Continue reading “Unseen Agra – 5 Off-Beat Places To Visit”


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When I had first started blogging, my very first instinct was to make this a travel blog. In fact, my very first post was a hotel review which no one read. 😀 Then Blogging U. happened and it set me off on a journey of blogging and writing in genres that even I didn’t know I could write in. Continue reading “Partner: Bloggers and Social Media Influencers with Indiaiscalling.com”

Travel Companies that are Redefining Women Travel in India

There’s something special about women breaking free from the shackles of society. What better way to liberate oneself than travelling the world- like a free spirit, visiting exciting destinations, meeting new people and exploring the unknown.  Continue reading “Travel Companies that are Redefining Women Travel in India”

5 DIY Crafts To Learn From National Crafts Museum

That India is a veritable gold mine when it comes to traditional art forms is not new to us who have grown up with these art forms all around us in some way or the other. Whether it be terracotta sculptures that adorn our gardens or bandhej dupattas that add colour to our wardrobe, we are well aware of the rich influence that these arts and crafts have on everyday life today. But what if some of these art forms need not be only admired in exhibitions and galleries; you can also make them yourself with little or no formal training at all.

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10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India


10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India – An article written for Sheroes.in by yours truly. I am sharing here an excerpt along with the link to the full article. Hope my writer or entrepreneur friends would find it helpful.

Start-ups and entrepreneurship are the latest trends in modern and developing India, of course. And despite many co-working spaces mushrooming all across the country, there aren’t many options which offer women (or men) the flexibility really needed in terms of hours or monetary resources.

Either the monthly packages are too exorbitant, or the hours not flexible enough for the schedules that entrepreneurs need. Sometimes, one just wants to walk into a space that offers good coffee and allows you to work at peace.

Below is the link for an article that lists 10 such workspaces in India that are not just women-friendly but also working towards empowering women entrepreneurs and providing them with networking and growth opportunities.


Click this link to read the full article: 10 Women-Friendly Work Spaces In India

Did you find this list useful? Are there any such spaces in your city? Feel free to share your favourite hangouts or work-cafes via the comments below.

7 Things You Must Experience in Agra

Agra is a city of many architectural marvels. Every visit makes you fall in love with it even more. During my recent visit to the city – one after ten years, I realized how much I had missed it. It has its own charm and despite being close to the National Capital of Delhi and the exquisite city of Rajputs – Jaipur, it holds its place high and proud in the list of heritage cities.

Here are 7 things that you absolutely must experience for yourself when visiting the city on the bank of the famous Yamuna River. Continue reading “7 Things You Must Experience in Agra”

Cherry on The Chocolate Cake

This past weekend Wandering Soul and Ms. Sassy (of Sass and Sauce) spent a fun-filled day in Agra. It was her first visit to the ‘City of Taj’ and one after ten years for me. As if this wasn’t enough to make the trip special, what happened on the trip itself catapulted us over the moon.

When the Alien meets Ms. Sassy!

Continue reading “Cherry on The Chocolate Cake”

Stories of Sikkim Part III

Read  Part 1 and Part 2

We had plans to visit the beautiful Tsomgo Lake and Nathula Pass, Indo-China border on Day 2, which was scrapped due to incessant rains in Gangtok and fresh snowfall in the higher region. No amount of wailing and bawling made Nature change its mind.

Picture 080.jpg
View from the Room

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Stories of Sikkim Part II

Sikkim is a beautiful state located in the north-eastern corner of India and its location in the mountains offers ample natural and also man-made attractions. From scenic views of the majestic Himalayas to architectural wonders, it has surprises in store at every turn (Pun not intended 😀 )

On my recent trip, my parents and I spent an exciting two days travelling and touring the beautiful cities of Gangtok and Namchi. We stayed at Gangtok and had plans to visit only those attractions that were in East Sikkim or within a travel time of a couple of hours.

Continue reading “Stories of Sikkim Part II”

Stories of Sikkim

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

They say travel teaches you more than anything else can. I have known this to be true and personally enjoy travelling. The experiences that it offers and the learnings it imparts are unmatched and cannot be compensated for by reading.

This belief was reiterated and reinforced on my short trip to Sikkim, a small state on the north-eastern corner of the country. For someone who loves travelling so much, I rue the fact that I am not able to travel frequently enough due to budget constraints. So despite my recent travels to Pune, Mumbai and Alibaug , I was looking forward to another trip already. This one was a family vacation and so our dates and duration were decided in accordance with the availability of leaves my parents could avail from work. Continue reading “Stories of Sikkim”

5 Must Visit Destinations in 2016

Yup! This is exactly one of those To Do/Must Visit lists that encourage you to visit some obscure places before you die, as if the world is coming to an end tomorrow and you’d have missed something if don’t rush out there now.

Well, the truth is the world didn’t end on December 12th, 2012 and neither is it expected to anytime soon. However, be sure to put these 5 destinations on your travel bucket list. This list is different from the usual because these places have not been chosen because of the usual touristy attractions but because, in some way or the other, they changed the way we live in today. And, what better excuse to travel than to learn about the world we presently inhabit. A live history lesson is far more interesting than a classroom one, isn’t it?

So, here’s presenting 5 Must Visit Destinations –  Continue reading “5 Must Visit Destinations in 2016”

Travel Tip of the Week

Check your calendar before planning your itinerary.

Check for long weekends; or a working day flanked with two public holidays. If there are any public holidays just before or after your preferred dates, club them in to plan a longer trip.
That way, you’ll be able to plan your dates better, and make the most of a holiday/long weekend.

Travel Tip idea courtesy of Rashmi (MindandLifeMatters)

With this, I’d like to announce the end of Weekly Wonders features. I hope you enjoyed reading my Travel Tips and will find them useful.



Travel Tip of the Week

When travelling to a foreign country, language can be a major issue, especially if you need to communicate with locals. This can be particularly scary if you the locals are illiterate or unfamiliar with foreign accents.

Once you reach you hotel, have the hotel staff write down the hotel name and address (along with nearby landmarks) for you, in their local language. Keep this information handy with you always.

This way even if you encounter someone who cannot speak English but can read and understand their local language, you’ll still manage to reach your hotel safely.

Merry Christmas from Around The Globe!

Santa (incahootwithboots)
Santa takes a break, in a mall in Oregon, USA. Image Courtesy Sabine Ramage

Bun Karyudo (a friend and fellow blogger) says, “Posts about Christmas are expected blogger fare. It’s as much a part of the Yuletide season as wrapping paper and reindeer poo.” So, here it is. My own voice added to those of many others, writing and talking about Christmas. Continue reading “Merry Christmas from Around The Globe!”

Travel Tip of the Week

Always carry duplicates of your travel documents.
Apart from atleast 3 paper photocopies, it would also be wise to have a soft copy stored in a portable device (pen drive, hard disk, laptop or even an iPad). This comes in useful when you need to e-mail a soft copy to someone. Remember to protect the scanned images by converting them to a PDF format and password protect them.

travel pouch
Image Courtesy – Aliexpress.com

Especially, when travelling abroad, make sure to keep multiple paper copies of your passpost and visa, in separate places.
Just like with money, keep one copy in your Cabin baggage, another in your Check-in luggage, and yet another duplicate in your hand bag (or sling bag or waist pouch). These duplicate hard copies would come extremely handy, when you need to show a hard copy somewhere or even if God forbid, were you to misplace or lose documents and need to validate and your identity and stay in a foreign country.

To know where and how to safeguard your documents, read this interesting article I found online – 4 Best Backup Methods for your Travel Documents

Wish you a Happy , Safe & Carefree Travelling!

Are the above tips helpful? Do you have any tips you would like to add? Any experiences you would like to share? Would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment using the below box. 

Pretty Picture of the Week

Last week I had traveled to Chandigarh for my college reunion bash.

Having spent 3 years of my life there, this trip was special in ways more than just one. It was the 25th year of my Alma Mater and hence, elaborate preparations had been done for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Also, I was visiting the city and my college after almost a decade.
This picture, taken from a mobile phone, is of the beautiful Sukhna Lake, situated at the north end of Chandigarh and quite close to where I was staying.


Travel Tip of the Week

While travelling, do not keep all your money and valuable in the same place. Instead keep smaller amounts and stash them in multiple locations. Keep some in well hidden in your luggage, some in a secret pocket in your handbag, some in your wallet and some on your person (alongwith your passport and important travel documents).

The logic behind this is that even if you misplace some of your luggage, the loss of money and valuables would be minimized and you would still have the balance money safe.

money safe
Image Courtesy Travelscapism.com http://travelscapism.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/5-rules-money-safe-v02.jpg

Travel Tip of the Week

While staying at hotels, avoid ordering from Room Service or consuming items from the Minibar.
Instead buy your own snacks from the local market (stores like Seven Eleven or Twenty Four Seven are open 24 hours) and stock them up for those late afternoon or mid-night pangs. Not only will you buy items at the actual MRP, but you would also avoid the additional taxes and surcharges that are tagged on with room service orders and minibar items.

My Dream Destinations

My passion for travel is not restricted to exploring one city or country but for the love of travel itself – for the experiences and opportunities it brings with it, getting to know new cultures, taking photographs of the beautiful world that we live in and meeting new people and exploring new cities.

There is a list of places I would like to visit more than others, only for this desire to know and see more, capture it through my lens and bring back unforgettable memories. Continue reading “My Dream Destinations”