Book Review – The Woman Who Saw the Future

What if you could see the future? What if you really could predict events and changed the course of destiny?

Yes, I want you to imagine being that person and how it would change you or the people around you.

Would you be able to handle the immense responsibility and power that came with this unique ability? What if the premonitions weren’t just an unshakeable, inexplicable feeling of dread that you couldn’t do anything about but instead a clear vision where you could see the future events unfold and then help prevent them? Can it be called the ‘future’ then, seeing as how you’ve already altered its course? How would it affect the people around you? Continue reading “Book Review – The Woman Who Saw the Future”


For The Love of Garden

“The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.”

– George Bernard Shaw

My earliest fondest memories of a garden are from some twenty years ago.

This garden, next to a nondescript one-bedroom house in a College staff quarters, was the result of its owner’s relentless hard work, proudly ramped up the aesthetic quotient of its otherwise grey surroundings, and ultimately came to be the neighbour’s pride. Maintaining the garden wasn’t easy, but in fact, painstaking work. Just the act of watering all the plants and trees each day would take at least an hour. In-depth knowledge of the individual growing patterns, flowering seasons, watering and manuring needs were critical and required thorough planning and thought. It needed extensive care and hands-on maintenance that was not just time-consuming but also required the owners, my parents, to be vigilant and attentive. Continue reading “For The Love of Garden”

35 Learnings Before Turning 35

As I approach the exciting ‘middle-age’ of my life (My birthday is next month. Now would be a great time to send that million-dollar cheque.), I am tempted to reflect back on my past and delve into a bit of introspection too.

And inspired by this post, I decided to jot down a list of 35 things I’ve learnt in the 35 years of my crazy awesome existence.  Continue reading “35 Learnings Before Turning 35”

My Room

Anyone who has ever moved homes would know what a painful and yet fun-filled process it is. The process of shifting is as torturous as it can be and yet the adventure and experience of doing up a new home comes with its own share of exciting discoveries and disappointing compromises.

Ever since the decision had been made to move to this new house, I had starting mentally decorating my room. 

Continue reading “My Room”

A Letter to Me

Dear Me,

Or should I say Hey You, You Escaped Alien from Proxima Centauri and Descendant from a Species of Apes that Never Existed,

What’s Up? Yes, Yes, I know what your answer will be – the sky, the temperature in Delhi, and the pitch of those TV reporters who make a light drizzle sound like a torrential storm that is evidence of God’s wrath on mankind! I hate that question as much as you do. But I just thought you may know how to answer it better than me. How does this work anyway? Me talking to you, who in reality is me. Am I supposed to refer to me as ‘me’ or as ‘you’? And if I am me, who are you? And if you are me and me is, of course, me then (once again) who are you? At the end of it, who am I talking to? Me or you? Continue reading “A Letter to Me”

The Art of Blogging

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now, and let me state at the very outset that I am no expert.

Want to learn from an expert instead? Read How To Be A Successful Blogger: 6 Best Tips by Aditi Mathur.

These are a few tips I’ve discovered over the past two years and, while I am no expert, and still learning, I would love to share these with you. Continue reading “The Art of Blogging”

The Week Gone By

When I started the My Friend Alexa campaign with Blogchatter, I had little understanding about Alexa ranking, page views, and SEO listings. I had signed up for the campaign expecting it to be replete with difficult tasks described using technical jargon which would go right over my little head, much like the spaceship that hovers every now and then. Continue reading “The Week Gone By”

My Journey with Sheroes

When I ask myself Why I Write, I also look at the journey I’ve been on so far.

And while it’s been less than two years (which in my opinion is very short a time to judge how I’ve fared), my journey has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling for me. I don’t measure my success in how many books I have published but in what I have learned so far. And as I always say, learning still continues.

I wrote a short article for Sheroes, chronicling my journey with them.  It was published on The Quint, another website that puts out some great content.

In this journey of writing and learning, been one of my biggest and best clients so far – not just giving me writing assignments but also tremendous moral support. There are others too who been an integral part of this journey but that is a post for another day.

Read on to know why I love Sheroes so much!

SHEROES Story: Easier to Pursue a Dream When Someone Cheers You On

What about your journeys? Do share your comments and feedback using the box below.

I am taking My Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter.

Photo Courtesy: Arjun Menon.

Why I Write?

How does it feel to start something only to leave it midway just because you were unable to keep up with the commitment and work it involved?

Guilty, and of course, a sense of incompleteness. That’s exactly how I felt about ignoring my blog for the past few months as I pursued new interests and opportunitiesContinue reading “Why I Write?”

A Small Win!

Ever wondered whether you’re good at something, and yet gone ahead to do it, and done it so well that you surprised yourself?

I know the feeling because it happened to me recently.

So, what happened was that a parenting website approached me to write for them.

‘Me?’ I asked, wondering what did they see in my writing that they’d ask me. Promptly, I said no, giving the excuse that me being single and therefore, no one’s parent (except, of course, the mosquitoes in my room who I regularly fed my blood). To my surprise, they didn’t agree and insisted I write and so I did. Lo, and behold,

Lo, and behold, it got 14,000+ views. Don’t ask me how and why.  I am still figuring that one out.

And a bigger surprise was when it was adjudged one of the top blogs of the month, winning me a Kindle.


Of course, the win and the prize (I’ve been eyeing a Kindle for some time now) is special but even more special than the prize is the reason for the win. Me, no less than an overgrown kid, is giving parenting advice. Cannot even begin to state how immensely satisfying this was or how much this win means to me. 🙂

Here’s the link to the article. Do read it and tell me what you think of it.

Let’s Be Better People


Dreams Are Like Trees


Dreams are born, are crushed, are renewed and even stamped into oblivion … daily.

Dreams take birth – a fledgling of an idea,
takes seed in a fertile mind, capable of overcoming the paranoia.

The seed sprouts, grows, takes form of a sapling,
budding into a tree flowering.

Do the saplings always become the trees?
No. Most times, they fall, get crushed, trampled upon, rise again and even uprooted.growth-445283_640.jpg

A freak storm, a petulant child, an errant ball overshooting the boundary line
Nature’s fury or Humanly wrath leaving it trampled, scattered,
lifeless remains left aside in the aftermath of a force it could not withstand.

Whatever be the fate – to shine or perish,
the plant accepts the love and hate.
Uproot it yourself or wait for it to be washed away
Its existence is sure to be erased forever.

The Sun shines again,
The breeze blows again,
The seed germinates again.

A new dawn awakens,
a new beginning promised
And a new dream is born.

Dream… dream away.
Dreams are born, transformed, wont to come true and achieved … daily!



The Creative Woman’s Dream Journal

For a writer (or any creative person for that matter) it is imperative to carry a notebook at all times. At least that’s what the greats advise. For you never know when brilliance may strike.

Continue reading “The Creative Woman’s Dream Journal”

A Rant Against Anti-Feminists

Every time we, as feminists, talk about women rights, gender equality, and other topics along these lines, we encounter many people who are equally vocal in opposing our ideas with views steeped in ignorance, myopic thinking, and baseless prejudices.

I have been in many situations where I bow out of a disagreement in order to save a relationship, which often leads the person on the other end (usually a man) to mistakenly believe he has won the argument. Most times, I haven’t bothered to correct them, instead seeking satisfaction in the knowledge that I was a bigger person. Often I secretly chuckle at their folly and take sadistic pleasure in letting them make a fool of themselves.

Continue reading “A Rant Against Anti-Feminists”

Victims To Victors: Real Life SHEROES

“Hope. Future. Dreams. Hobbies. Success. These are all words they may struggle to discuss at length about.”

As a friend rightly said, ‘it changes a part of you forever’. Salute the spirit and resilience of these women who are an inspiration on how to overcome the despair and hate and come out victorious.

Meeting them has impacted me greatly. Have you had any such life-changing experiences?

Read the full article here and do share your feedback and views via the comment box below.

The Beginning of An End

Last Christmas I gave you my heart

Began a new year and with it a new start

The journey was long and exhausting

Some moments sad, some memories long lasting

A new year cometh again; for the moon, this time, let us dart.

Written as part of the Limerick Challenge:The End in loving memory of 2015 which brought with some good moments and some terrible ones, some victories and some losses. Here’s wishing everyone a rocking 2017!

One Year …

One Year!blogiversary

One year of leaving what I considered my second home (hotel industry). One year of being unemployed. One year of being penniless. One year of an impromptu decision that I hadn’t given as much as a second’s thought to. It could have been the worst decision I’d ever taken. But instead, thankfully, it turned out to be the best thing that I’d ever done. Continue reading “One Year …”

Why I Didn’t Like Pink

Choice. Consent. Two words that are alien to Men all over the world. Case in point – US presidential candidate Trump. How did he even get there?!
Tradition. Culture. Morals. Good girls don’t step out at night. Good girls don’t party late. Good girls don’t drink.

Pink, a recent movie starring the legendary Amitabh Bachhan and other such brilliant actors, questioned these sexist statements. It showed Indian society and all patriarchial societies across the world a mirror. It questioned the basis of those sexist statements. But did anyone question Pink?

I dared to and wrote about why I didn’t like Pink. Published on, the full article is here : Why I Didn’t Like Pink.

Do share your feedback and opinions.