Pool Shenanigans

I’m a water person. I spend hours taking pictures of water – whether it be a small water fountain or of waves crashing over the rocks or even tiny raindrops on the window.

I even learnt swimming just so I could sit and play in the pool for hours on end. This picture below is of the swimming pool where I did exactly that – spent the entire morning splashing around. I didn’t know swimming yet, and so I used a life ring to keep me afloat.

When I finally got out I had a sunburn so bad it sent my parents scrambling for skin ointments and aloe vera gels. (By the end of this trip I had a broken arm too but that’s another story.)


Needless to say, I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the pool for the remainder of the trip.


Cherry on The Chocolate Cake

This past weekend Wandering Soul and Ms. Sassy (of Sass and Sauce) spent a fun-filled day in Agra. It was her first visit to the ‘City of Taj’ and one after ten years for me. As if this wasn’t enough to make the trip special, what happened on the trip itself catapulted us over the moon.

When the Alien meets Ms. Sassy!

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Gifts from Mother Earth

This may seem to be a very simple picture of some random flowers at first glance. But for some reason, I see a lot more than just that.


To me, this picture depicts the full glory and marvels of nature within it. The vibrant yellow petals symbolise the Sun while the white petals look like they represent the Moon (more so because of the yellow centre, just like the Moon takes its light from the Sun).
The rich green stems and leaves, for me, represent the rich greenery of the forests, of the Earth and the greyish ground in the top right corner is the vast expanse of Space that seems out of reach but holds a million mysteries within it.

Just like Mother Earth continues to surprise us through its various wonders, this photograph does so too. I hadn’t thought so deeply about this when I had first taken this picture. It was only later when I was browsing through the Sikkim photographs, that this realisation dawned on me.

What do you think when you look at this picture. Do share your feedback via the comment box below.

Enjoying the Ride called ‘Life’

I’ve been super busy these past few days. So much so that even my father was surprised that despite being jobless, I was juggling so many things at the same time. It led him to tease me by saying, “You have too much on your plate. Make sure you don’t get an upset stomach!” It took me a few seconds to register that. 😀

I think I am living life to the fullest now only. All my time spent blogging, reading, writing, catching up with old friends, making new ones etc was leaving me with little time to pursue my other hobby – photography.

Finally decided to pick up my camera one morning and stepped out in the small but beautiful garden of our residential complex.

Here are few of my shots.

From among these, the one I like best is of the bare tree with the two birds sitting on one of the top branches.

Which one do you like the most? Do share your opinions and feedback in the comments below.

March Bloom

On my recent visit to Mughal Gardens, Rashtrapati Bhawan (President’s Palace) at Delhi, I had clicked pictures of the gardens with my mobile camera. (I was aware well in advance that a traditional camera is not allowed, due to high security measures.)

These exquisitely beautiful gardens are opened to the public in March, and only for a couple of months each year. I was there for just an hour or so, but thoroughly enjoyed my short time there.

Here are a few of my clicks from yesterday’s visit.

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My love for nature and greenery inspires me to go back soon, to capture the blooming floral beauty of the Mughal Gardens in all its glory.

Whizzing Past

Time is an illusion.” ― Albert Einstein

One of my favourite pics displaying my fascination of the freeze motion technique

This picture was taken last year, during a family trip to Kerala, and this was when I had also newly discovered the Freeze Motion Technique. I particularly like this picture because it gives the impression of a blur caused due to a camera shake, when in fact the effect is very much deliberate.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
– Wayne Gretzky

Water Volleyball, Anyone?

This picture was taken during a Dolphin show at a Wildlife Safari Park in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is one of my favourite pictures of my most memorable trip (being the first international trip for us), along with another one where I pose with the Dolphin. But, that’s another story 🙂


Sauce Bowls

This photograph was taken on a recent trip to Chandigarh.

My mom and I, after a hectic day of sight-seeing and shopping, sat down at an oriental restaurant, for an early dinner.

We had stared at the small, rectangular try when the server had placed it in front of us. The variety of sauces and condiments in the circular bowls amused us. Some of them were obvious to identify but the ones which were a little more difficult had us tasting spoonfuls of the sauce, trying to figure out the ingredients. The food was amazing as was the service. It was a fun and memorable dinner, and this picture brings back vivid memories of the meal that both of us enjoyed.

Pretty Picture of the Week

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

I think sometimes, it may go well beyond that, especially if the picture triggers off an avalanche of beautiful memories and takes you off on a trip down memory lane.

Pykara Lake, Ooty, India

This is the beautiful Pykara Lake in Ooty, a quaint hill station in India; which is where I did my MBA from.

It is quite a long, steep walk to reach the Lake. The picture was taken from a mobile phone, about 10 years back, and still manages to make me nostalgic about the amazing time I have spent there.

It is with great thought that I chose this picture, to be this week’s as well as the last Pretty Picture of the Week.

One, because as we start a new journey, it’s great to reflect on past memories. With this picture, I hope to make you go down memory lane and make you nostalgic about your school or college days.

Two, because, as promised in The  Year That Was!, I’d like to announce the end of Weekly Wonders features, and this would be the best picture to do it with.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my Pretty Pictures as much as I did sharing them with you.


Pretty Picture of the Week


Another one of my clicks during my visit to Chandigarh, earlier this month.

Something about this flower attracted and fascinated me – the imperfections, the dual colours, its full bloom while others around it are either only half-way there or still are unopened buds, offering untold promises of beauty contained within.

This sight reminds me of life, laughter, sorrows and our attempts to fulfill our dreams – some of us are already there, others like me have probably figured out what they want and are working towards it, yet others are in learning or budding stage full of potential and promise.

What does this sight remind you of?


Pretty Picture of the Week

Last week I had traveled to Chandigarh for my college reunion bash.

Having spent 3 years of my life there, this trip was special in ways more than just one. It was the 25th year of my Alma Mater and hence, elaborate preparations had been done for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Also, I was visiting the city and my college after almost a decade.
This picture, taken from a mobile phone, is of the beautiful Sukhna Lake, situated at the north end of Chandigarh and quite close to where I was staying.


Pretty Picture of the Week

This particular picture happens to be one of my favourites, for a variety of reasons. One, because I love the effect of capturing an image of a water splash with distinctly visible droplets, hanging in mid-air and second, because it takes many attempts at my end to get results like this.

I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Waves at Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

Pretty Picture of the Week

This time I am combining my Weekly Photo feature with the Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post. This week’s theme is Eye Spy, which I choose to interpret a bit differently.

So, here is a photograph where one of the tigers is sleeping and hence, its eyes are closed and the one who is looking at us, obviously has its eyes open.

Wildlife Safari at Bangkok, Thailand.

The animals were free and in their natural habitat, as they should be. Instead, we humans were the ones who were caged in a bus.

Pretty Picture of the Week

As promised in my What’s Up and Coming page, here is my weekly photo feature.

This would be updated every weekend and would feature a photograph taken by me, as I would like to use this page to showcase my photography.

Look forward to all the feedback – bouquets or brickbats!

This week’s picture is given below. I would like to start the feature with a picture of my mother. 🙂

Please do share your opinions.

@ Thailand, 2011.