Links go kaput! HELP ME!!!

Ever since I upgraded my website to a dotcom on WordPress , my previous pingbacks have all gone bad. Of course, since I also deleted with previous blog url too.

I expected the links to connect to the new url since it is supposed to do that. But I just discovered that that’s not actually happening. Which means I’ll be pulling my hair and the bad links out manually. And I don’t want to go bald so soon, so calling for help.

HELLLLPPPPPP!!!!  In case if you come across any bad links, please bring it to my notice.

Thank you! God bless you! May Lord be with you! Peace be upon you! Okay, I think you get the sense of desperation here.

Warm Greetings & New Tidings

From the newest ‘Admin’ of Bloggers World (Me): Do drop in and leave a comment if you want to join in the party. 🙂 🙂

Blogger's World!

Warm Greetings, Dear Members!

The mantle has been passed on to me and although it is only the responsibility of being the admin of a blogging forum (and not the position of POTUS) I am quite honoured and anxious at this new role. Honoured because this is a great forum and the Admin team before me has done some stupendous work since its inception. Anxious because this is my very first time doing this and I would be learning as I go along.

I take this position quite seriously and would strive to discharge my duties responsibly and as per your expectations. If I falter, please do forgive me after the mandatory rap on the knuckle. 

With that out of the way, here’s a more believable end scenario.

I do hope to take the forum to newer heights from here and request your assistance in this endeavour. As we all…

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Blogging 101: Alumni Forum: Make Some Blogging Friends!

Come One! Come All! it’s a great place to interact and learn more. Link in the original post . Thanks for sharing this , Blabberwockying!

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Feedback is Essential 

Feedback is essential for our survival and growth. A system with poor feedback loop collapses very soon. Blogosphere, especially WordPress community is an excellent place to get feedback for your ideas. When I joined WordPress in July 2015, I hadn’t imagined that I was entering into a very beautiful world of bloggers because all I had known was Blogger and that was not a great experience despite my 4 years of blogging.

Blogging 101 Course

Joining Blogging 101 course offered by Blogging University was a boon and a transformative experience for me and during the course I felt it was not just me who felt overwhelming support, feedback, kindness and friendship but many friends. Some of us wanted to stay closely connected even after the three weeks of classes were over, so we created another blog which is called Alumni Forum. Initially the idea was to keep…

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