Piyusha – The Author!

Wandering Soul Piyusha Vir got promoted from Newbie Writer/Blogger to Published Author on the wintry evening of November 25th, 2016 in Delhi when Mock, Stalk & Quarrel – A Collection of Satirical Stories was released with a big bang.

Mock, Stalk & Quarrel is a collection of satirical tales that emanated from a nationwide contest conducted by Readomania to identify powerful authors. It has 29 stories penned by prolific writers and authors and is a humble but powerful attempt at raising serious questions through the impactful medium of Satire and Humour.

Her story is titled ‘In Search of Mr. Perfect’. No wonder then that the elusive Mr. Perfect has become even more elusive!

But apart from hers, there are other amazing stories that attempt to raise a voice and rage an ideological war against issues that matter. Grab your copy from Amazon.in. Do read the book and share your favourite story with Piyusha.