Book Review – To Hell and Back By Anurag Anand

How often would you have heard the common whine – 'It was so meant to be' or 'Who can fight fate?' What if the hand that life deals you wasn’t actually one that fate had played but one that you and your choices and decisions led to? This is the premise of Readomania's latest offering … Continue reading Book Review – To Hell and Back By Anurag Anand


The Z-Factor

(contd from here) ‘Thank you, Aru!’ Aradhana exclaimed. ‘It such a beautiful painting! Where did you learn to draw the giraffe like this? My god, you’re learning things faster than I can cope up.’ She admired the card in an exaggerated display of love and appreciation. Aryanka’s eyes shone with pride. Mommy liked the gift, … Continue reading The Z-Factor