Blogging 101: Alumni Forum: Make Some Blogging Friends!

Come One! Come All! it’s a great place to interact and learn more. Link in the original post . Thanks for sharing this , Blabberwockying!

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absolutely bunkum!

Feedback is Essential 

Feedback is essential for our survival and growth. A system with poor feedback loop collapses very soon. Blogosphere, especially WordPress community is an excellent place to get feedback for your ideas. When I joined WordPress in July 2015, I hadn’t imagined that I was entering into a very beautiful world of bloggers because all I had known was Blogger and that was not a great experience despite my 4 years of blogging.

Blogging 101 Course

Joining Blogging 101 course offered by Blogging University was a boon and a transformative experience for me and during the course I felt it was not just me who felt overwhelming support, feedback, kindness and friendship but many friends. Some of us wanted to stay closely connected even after the three weeks of classes were over, so we created another blog which is called Alumni Forum. Initially the idea was to keep…

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