Pretty Picture of the Week

As promised in my What’s Up and Coming page, here is my weekly photo feature.

This would be updated every weekend and would feature a photograph taken by me, as I would like to use this page to showcase my photography.

Look forward to all the feedback – bouquets or brickbats!

This week’s picture is given below. I would like to start the feature with a picture of my mother. 🙂

Please do share your opinions.

@ Thailand, 2011.

Author: Wandering Soul

A nomad at heart, love reading, travelling and photography and now trying to combine them all.

15 thoughts on “Pretty Picture of the Week”

    1. She is much too sweet natured and kind to be called a ‘dragon lady’. 🙂 may be we could name it ‘ the dragon and the lady’ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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