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Welcome to Wandering Soul – Conversations with an Alien! 

Caricature Courtery Anand R
Caricature Courtesy Anand R

This is where I get to speak my heart out; since I am a self-confessed mad, wacky alien, the conversations may range from vaguely amusing to outrightly insane.
I am a new blogger and an average writer; always learning, constantly improving and trying to do better with every subsequent post. I shall try hard to write articles and stories that, hopefully, would be of interest to you. Do let me know if you like them because I may need you to motivate me with a gentle nudge (like or comment) or an affectionate shove (follow) every now and then.

This blog covers quite a few topics. I leave it to you to decide whether that is good because there are a lot of topics for you to read about; or not because there, indeed, are a lot of topics for you to read. I had initially started out wanting to write about travel and had expected this to be a travel blog but now I think it’s more of a confused blog. Or is it me who is confused?! Maybe I should change the tagline to ‘Conversations with a confused, wacky Alien!’. What do you think?

My aim is to make you spend maximum time here (evil grin) so you might as well get comfortable. Feel free to sit back with your feet up while I get you some refreshing Lemon Iced Tea (prepares magic potion with hypnotizing effects).

Oh, I almost forgot… Hi! 🙂 Nice to meet you. Here’s a little more About Me … and here is where you can write to me.
This is why I write, sometimes of what turns out to be utter gibberish!

Now to dive right in, what is it that you wish to read?

Some nonsensical random ramblings like this or meaningful information that may prove useful. There is also that post where I tried my hand at writing philosophy but much to my embarrassment, so is the evidence of me having failed miserably.

Interested in a little bit of humour?  Read about my epic battles or my futile search for Mr. Right.

My first attempt at fiction was Cupid’s Ball (and then flash fiction and non-fiction) For those who need a slice of reality, here’s a short story with a social message (or is it a non-rhyming poem?!!)

My Favourite Post – is one that happens to be related to travel and India. And, travel and movies. Also, this award acceptance post. And, this one when I crossed 200 followers. Ok, I have to admit, I don’t have one single favourite.

Currently, I am working on a series of short stories and am soon to publish the sixth part.

You could also browse through various categories in the Filing Cabinet, on the right; or visit my previously blockbuster weekly series Weekly Wonders (Pretty Picture of the Week and Travel Tip of the Week), which have now been replaced by new features like Meeting the Challenge  and From Around the World.

And while Alien Weekly released findings of their research paper on my blog, here is what else is about to happen on Wandering Soul in the near future.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this blog, as much as I enjoy putting it together, and will take away with you a little bit of laughter, a little bit of madness and a whole lot of good reading.

Thanks for your visit. Happy reading!